11 Litre Mini Washing Machine 🧼

$109.99 $220

Wash Anywhere & Anytime with our Mini 11L Portable Washer!


Are you tired of worrying about washing on trips away?


Picture a journey where laundry worries vanish. Our portable washing solution guarantees clean clothes on the go, liberating you from the hassle of finding laundry facilities. Enjoy the freedom to explore without the burden of dirty laundry weighing you down, making every trip a breeze. Say goodbye to laundry stress and hello to carefree adventures with our convenient travel companion.


Many Aussies love and trust our portable washing solution. It's been tried and tested by lots of people across Australia, from travellers to campers. With its compact design and reliable performance, it's the top choice for anyone who wants easy and effective laundry wherever they go in Australia.


Join the ranks of satisfied Australian customers who have simplified their laundry routine with our top-rated portable washer, making laundry tasks easier than ever!



Benefits Of Our Mini Portable Washing Machine

💼 Portable: Compact & Portable, Allowing You to do Laundry Wherever you go, the folded size is 30*30*14cm

😊 Convenience: Say Goodbye to The Hassle of Finding & Using Public Laundry Facilities!

Time-saving: Our Washer is Efficient & Easy to Use, Helping you Save Time on Laundry Tasks

♻️ Eco Friendly: Our Washer Uses Minimal Water, Is Energy Efficient & is Made of ABS & TPR Material.

👔 Versatility: Our washer is Versatile & Can be Used to Clean a Variety of Items, Including Baby Clothes, up to 7 Pairs of Underwear, up to 10 Pairs of Socks, Fruit & Vegetables, Pet Supplies etc. NOTE: This Mini Washer Cannot Wash Large Clothes Like Sweaters, However it Can Wash Smaller Adult Clothing.

🥰 Gentle on Clothes: Our Washer Uses Gentle Agitation to Clean Clothes Effectively Without Causing Damage or Wear & Tear.

🤐 Quiet Operation: Our Washer Operates Quietly, so You Can do Laundry Without Disturbing Others Around You.

🔨Easy Maintenance: Our Washer Requires Minimal Maintenance & Cleaning, Saving You Time & Effort in Upkeep.

🥳 Many Happy Australian Customers

🦘 Australian Owned & Operated: Fast & Free Shipping Australia wide

🛡️ Risk Free: 14 Day Money Back Guarantee



Eco Friendly ♻️ 


Our washer prioritizes environmental sustainability with its eco-friendly design. By utilizing minimal water and energy-efficient operation, it reduces water and energy consumption, helping you lower your carbon footprint and save on utility costs. Additionally, its construction from ABS and TPR materials ensures durability while minimizing environmental impact. With our washer, you can enjoy clean clothes with peace of mind, knowing you're making an eco-conscious choice.


Gentle On Clothes 🧸


Our washer treats your clothes with care, employing gentle agitation to effectively remove dirt and stains without the risk of damage or wear. This means your garments maintain their quality and longevity, preserving their colours and fabrics wash after wash. With our washer, you can trust that your clothes will come out clean and fresh, without compromising their integrity.



Feature included.


·       NOTE: The mini washing machine is specially designed for small items such as baby clothes, underwear, socks, towels, fruits and vegetables, pet supplies, etc. It cannot wash sweaters and large clothes. PLEASE NOTE: This mini washer does not replace a full-size washing machine.

·       Three modes & blue light sterilization: This washing machine is carefully designed with three modes, 5 minutes of quick washing/10 minutes of standard washing/1 minute of dehydration, you can choose one of them according to the actual situation, and there is blue light, which makes it easy disinfect.

·       SUPER CONVENIENT AND MONEY-SAVING: Our mini portable washing machine is the epitome of super money-saving and convenience. The wash cycle takes just 10 minutes, uses only 1.32 gallons of water, and consumes only 0.003 kWh of electricity. This means you save time and money while doing laundry quickly and efficiently.

·       Durable and Eco-friendly Material: Made of high-quality ABS and TPR material, perfect for washing personal items, baby products, pet products, fruits, and vegetables. And effectively removes dirt, leaving your clothes looking clean and fresh.


What's in the box?


·       1x Mini Washing Machine

·       1x AU Power Plug

·       1x Dranier Basket

·       1x Drain Pipe

·       1x English User Manual


Money back guarantee: 


Feel Safe with A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee




Feel Safe with A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia's leading goods store, if the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

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